Available for weekday nights

If you are a bar owner, there are some days during the week where Chuck Webb is available. Call (724) 266 - 1709 or e-mail for information and pricing.

  • Fun for all ages

    Karaoke is great entertainment for any group. DJ Chuck Webb's karaoke service will provide you with a large selection of songs to choose from, covering all types of music. It is perfect for colleges, high schools, corporate events, birthdays, and graduation parties. Currently there are approximately 45,000 different songs in the karaoke library. They are all legally purchased so you can be sure that when your name is called, and all eyes are on you awaiting your performance, you will not be embarrassed by the lyrics not showing up properly on the screen, or the background music track not sounding as it should. Don't be fooled by the karaoke companies claiming to have 80,000 or more tracks. Those companies are selling you a lot of duplicate titles. Complete with 2 wireless Shure microphones so you won't be tripping on cords, a flat screen monitor and state of the art sound system, you can show off your singing talents....or lack of talent, but remember that's all part of the fun of karaoke.


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