Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of equipment do you have?

    My equipment is all high-end professional equipment from companies like Electrovoice, Pioneer, Rane and Shure.

  • How do I secure my date?

    Once you decide you want to hire Chuck Webb, a contract is sent out where you sign both copies and return one signed along with your deposit.

  • Can I put a "hold" on a date?

    Sorry, dates are on a first-come, first-serve basis. A contract, along with a deposit is required to secure a date.

  • Can we stop in someone's wedding to see you perform?

    As much fun as it could be crashing someone's wedding, unfortunately, weddings are private events and you wouldn't be able to stop in someone else's wedding to see me at work

  • Why am I finding DJ's that charge so much more?

    Some like to brag about being the highest paid in their area. I would rather be priced affordably and be out working every week. Just because you see a high price doesn't mean you would get the best quality; likewise, the lowest prices doesn't always translate into poor quality.

  • Do you use props?

    No cheesy props here. Weddings are supposed to be classy affairs, so we won't be forcing Uncle Bob dress up as a chicken for the chicken dance or make your guests play air guitars or inflatable instruments.

  • Can we meet in person?

    Sure we can. Just call to make an appointment.

  • Do you take requests?

    Requests are always welcome.

  • What if a song I want is not on the online music database?

    If it's a newer song, more than likely the database hasn't been updated recently. Music arrives daily so sometimes the database could be behind by a few weeks. If it's an older song and still available, no problem, I will get it for you.

  • How do you dress?

    I will always dress according to what type of function I'm working at.

  • Will you take care of all the announcements or do I need to hire a MC?

    Believe it or not, some djs charge to bring a person with him to do the announcing. Chuck Webb not only plays the music, but also takes care of all the necessary announcements.

  • Do you do photography too?

    No. Chuck Webb has always specialized in the music, and dj aspect of the party. You won't hear silence or "dead air" during the reception because the song ran out and the next one couldn't be started on time because the "dj" was out taking a family photo at the other end of the venue being a "photographer".